Charlotte Olympia – Be My Valentine

All I seem to do these days is talk about Charlotte Olympia, but it’s with good reason. And that reason is because she makes bloody awesome shoes! Any season or any hallmark occasion, Charlotte’s shoes are always on top form. So I knew that for Valentine’s Day she’d have some crackers up her fabulously-adorned sleeves.

First up in the Charlotte Olympia Valentine’s shoes is Delphine, a suede peep toe with bright-red leather hearts and that signature platform. Just think how brilliant a bit of toe cleavage will look with those hearts!

Charlotte Olympia Valentine's Delphine Side

Charlotte Olympia Valentine's Delphine Front

Charlotte Olympia’s Delphine – £595

Then there’s Debonaire, a pointed-toe pump with 4 inches of neon yellow heel. They look like a traditional heel, all pretty and bright, and then you see the soles and notice they’re heart-shaped! I’ve never seen this before and think it’s absolutely genius. Hats off Charlotte Olympia.

Charlotte Olympia Valentine's Debonaire Front

Charlotte Olympia Valentine's Debonaire Back

Charlotte Olympia’s Debonaire – £545

Last but not least there’s Josephine, a purple satin stiletto with heart addition on the heel. Another fab way to incorporate hearts, the shape hugs round your heel to add a little something extra to an already spectacular shoe.

Charlotte Olympia Valentine's Josephine Front

Charlotte Olympia Valentine's Josephine Back

Charlotte Olympia’s Josephine – £575

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